Hazibwealth is an investment firm under the umbrella of Hazibian International, focused on providing passive income opportunities for investors. With a range of financial products such as Hazibwallet, HazibEquity, and Hazib Mortgage Plus, the firm aims to help clients diversify their portfolios and generate steady returns.


Hazib wealth for the past two years clients entrust us with a portion of their investment portfolio in search of passive income streams. The firm's approach to investing is both strategic and diversified, ensuring that client’s funds are spread across different asset classes to mitigate risk.


One of the products offered by Hazibwealth is Hazibwallet, a digital investment platform that allows clients to invest by square meters SQM including stocks and bonds. Hazibwallet is user-friendly and transparent, with regular updates on investments.


Buy to sell Duration: 1 - 3 years hold. You will be able to sell your plot(s) once the value increases. Estate: Eko Ranch , Western Acres and Green Acres.

Buy to earn Duration: 1-5 years only, Earn points for 3%-10% land cash back.

Buy to build properties for sell, rent and Short let. 



Another offering by Hazibwealth is HazibEquity, which provides clients with opportunities to invest in the equity. Through HazibEquity, Clients will be able to access a diverse range of stocks and  mutual funds, allowing them to build a well-rounded investment portfolio. 


The Hazibian Mortgage Plus, offered by Hazibwealth, provides several benefits to investors seeking to grow their wealth through real estate-backed securities: This can help mitigate risk and provide a hedge against market fluctuations and make payment plans easy to work with. The Hazibian Mortgage Plus is backed by real estate assets, providing a level of security to investors,This can help minimize the risk of capital loss compared to investing in other, more volatile markets. Overall, the Hazibian Mortgage Plus offers investors the opportunity to benefit from the potential growth of the real estate market while spreading payment over a long period of time.